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  Data Validation  

Data verification is the process of evaluating the completeness, correctness, and conformance/adherence of a specific data set against the method, procedural, or contractual requirements.

What Is Chemistry Data Validation?

Chemistry data quality verification and validation are essential to ensuring the generation of scientifically sound and legally defensible data.   This process establishes confidence in the quality of the data.  If there are data that are not in conformance with regulatory or project specific criteria, these occurrences should be investigated further.  Failure to verify or validate data and follow up on suspect data could lead to wrong decisions and, consequently, to costly errors.

The primary goal of data verification and validation is to ensure that data meet the minimum requirements specified in in specific project plans. This ensures that the data used for planning, monitoring, and evaluation purposes are reliable, defensible, and comparable among various sources.

Data must satisfy the need for which they were collected, comply with applicable standards, specifications and statutory requirements, and reflect a consideration for cost and economics. Careful project planning with routine project and data review are essential to ensuring that the data collected meet project requirements, in terms of completeness and quality.

Data Validation At Argon, Inc.

Argon employs electronic data review wherever possible.  This process accelerates review and assessment of analytical data.  The standardized electronic data deliverable (EDD) formats in EQuIS allow us to streamline the management, verification/validation and reporting of analytical chemistry data.  We utilize the EarthsoftTM EQuIS Database (EQuIS) for these processes.

Argon, Inc. has extensive experience and long term relationships with laboratories in Western U.S. and Alaska.  We provide all aspects of project support from preparation of Quality Assurance Project Plans, electronic chain of custody documents, sample bottle labels, sample tracking from field to the laboratory to reports.  Our relationships with laboratories allow us to effectively complete all aspects of analytical chemistry data management and validation in a timely manner.


Guidance on Environmental Data Verification and Data Validation, EPA QA/G-8.

Data validation is an analyte- and sample-specific process that extends the evaluation of data beyond method, procedural, or contractual conformance to determine the analytical quality of a specific data set (EPA QA/G-8).

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